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The bottle
Taste it's nector.
It calls you.
The crusher of pain.
That which Stops the rot.
Should I? Shouldn't I?
This substitute for love.
I know you.
Hold me.
I'll take it all away.
Surender to me.
I will not! Not defeat, no!
Some compensation for life?
Caress me.
Thats it.
Let me take control.
Only for a while.
Please let me go, please.
Amnesia for the soul.
So good,  warmth, release.
It has me.
Though i know,
I will not dance n the morn.
All is gone.
A remedy, but no cure.
:icongazevans:gazevans 2 4
One more reason
Kill that child.
Kill that child, for nothing more than war.
Kiss the boy.
Wipe those tears, in which he drowns.
Forget all else, all ceases.
All is still, lifeless, obsolete.
What stirs your putrid heart?
What gives you warmth, comforts your soul.
What makes you tick, like the bombs you use?
Murder that meat.
Murder that meat, for tactical satisfaction.
Hold the girl.
Then whisper, her family has gone.
Ignore all around, nothing exists.
Everything is void, useless, Non profitable.
What settles your mind?
What give you hope, parts the hate.
What pushes you on, like the tanks you move?
:icongazevans:gazevans 1 2
Something I said?
Maybe my attire?
Perhaps this voice?
It must be something,.
has to be something.
Or is it just,
that I'm unlovable.
My attitude?
The way I walk?
I know its something,
it has to be something.
Maybe I'm just,
so unlovable.
The look I have?
I've got it now.
Yes that's it.
No it's not.
What can It be?
There's only one thing.
Unlovable me.
:icongazevans:gazevans 0 0
I dreamt of me
I dreamt of me,
of golden streams,
of nightly realms,
gigantic seas,
so far away,
from haste and war,
from bulging factories,
that bulge some more.
I dreamt of me,
a place lost in time,
pastels of green,
happy times,
away from the bustle,
that croaks everyday,
leaves a bad taste,
holds like a chain.
I dreamt of me,
chivalry and war,
kings and queens,
that beckon your call,
out of the crush,
which binds the way,
coughs and chokes,
change after change.
I dreamt of me,
in lilac moors,
honey summers,
towering falls,
free from dismay,
dirt and grease,
running in circles,
never released.
I dreamt of me,
with nothing to loose,
song birds watching,
awaiting their fruit,
not in a haze,
caused by the fuss,
starting then stopping,
lust after lust.
I dreamt of me,
finding new ground,
holding my fort,
sinking through sand,
behind the clutter
rush and strife,
arriving home,
to a dusty life.
I dreamt of me,
in a day so true,
clouds turning to faces,
energy and youth,
apart from the moans,
echoing lou
:icongazevans:gazevans 0 1
Bullet Proof
Bullet proof me
with all the bruises.
But every arrow,
cut right through me.
In every moment,
I awoke to find.
The noose to slack,
to choke my mind.
Bullet proof I,
just about standing.
Though every brick,
found its landing.
At every turn,
I stopped to stare.
Made no friends,
never cared.
Bullet proof just ,
almost abandoned.
With every call,
Subduing my tantrum.
In every city,
holding my own.
Bullet proof?
:icongazevans:gazevans 1 0
Something stirred
Something stirred in me,
a feeling I could not keep.
As her shine bore in to mine,
the trap was set to weak.
Something moved around,
but only a enough to tell.
As time forgot this man,
no words to shout, you've fell.
Something caused a fit,
please just tie me down.
We've danced this jig before,
this time don't jump so loud.
Something gave me a fright,
but not enough to scare.
The warning signs came through,
just long enough to care.
Something stirred in me,
maybe it will go.
When feelings mix together,
where else would they show?
:icongazevans:gazevans 0 0
The observer
Clitter clatter those engines do go,
on and on and on.
What for I ask? Tell me what for?,
on and on they go.
Robots push, front to side,
never happy, even satisfied.
Growls of wind, turned them cold,
not a stir can be seen in their minds.
Noisy bellows always heard,
there's no silence, to stop the rain.
Laughing papers of every colour,
which no one stops to read.
Mesmerised by ticket machine,
Another robot lends a hand.
It's to late, says one,
rocket has gone.
Pass me some oil please.
:icongazevans:gazevans 0 0
Only tomorrow
I watch inside this lonely place.
where despair has nurtured in me.
Trying to grasp at hope or faith,
but slip down on through the seams.
Stumble around looking for more,
just to light my way.
Unloading the burden which holds me still,
sewing the cuts made so easily.
Starting stopping, yearning for warmth,
pushing back cold you don't like to meet.
Forever changing, but one things stays,
always the same, your never free.
The Walls will listen, but never reply,
they laugh at the silence in you.
Sitting here, standing alone.
only calling, searching for home.
Another day, past right through,
it's wake caused you to fall.
You look around, but there's nowhere to go,
no Joy, no sorrow, only tomorrow.
:icongazevans:gazevans 1 3
Onion by gazevans Onion :icongazevans:gazevans 0 0 Tulip by gazevans Tulip :icongazevans:gazevans 0 0 What do you see? by gazevans What do you see? :icongazevans:gazevans 0 5
Deadly silence
Morning, noon, everyday.
lost in silence,
what man has made.
Always wondering,
Never Ok.
Why a Mothers child
was taken away?
Broken  bruised
crushed then chewed.
no one wins,
no one to loose.
Only asking,
never ok.
Her only hope
was yesterday.
Silent as thunder,
churned in to mesh.
Morbid corpse,
politicians desk.
looking for hope,
never ok.
The only tears,
were the ones she saved.
Rant and rave,
with pens and pens.
Hide in houses,
with lifes to atend.
don't mind me,
never ok.
Why a mothers child
was taken away?
:icongazevans:gazevans 0 0
What rules us all
Was the fool that said
"love wont turn me"
Then his heart fell apart.
The wizard laughed
"never to me"
But his magic bore no shield
Then the king he yelled
"Im stronger than thee"
Now queen holds land and all that strive.
It is love that rules us all.
:icongazevans:gazevans 0 3
The willow tree
Sickle cell sun shine on , my arms are torn from your diseased waste.
You cower at me when i sleep, stand aside, for my day will come, sun shine on.
Take heed ,as i can see the world, it's in a different shade now.
Though I still fall beneath the night, i'll find out ,you'll find out ,your all find out.
Time will tell,life will know.
Dont speak when im not listening! The wind will be clean in a future not yet  there , just plans , under this sickle cell sun.
I seek, but hate, wish to die.
Withering like an old mans legs beneath, these lungs  poisened from his past.
One day i shall rise.
:icongazevans:gazevans 0 0
Manchester motion
Juganaught cars slide then stop,
Piccadilly approach awaits.
People turn faces in wonder and awe,
then elope to their new found shop.
An oasis of roars ties city united,
stones full of roses fall from the sky.
Move on sir, tills are vibrating,
pub lunch for an Eccles delight.
Atomic theory to magazine seller,
shirt and tie to afflecks leisure.
Mancunian life is altogether,
another happy Monday.
:icongazevans:gazevans 0 3
Falling Leaf
The days, the time, nothing to. me,
Hazel, green, my eyes are blue,
Theres no sense , meaningless, do i realy smile?
Not down, just looking side ways.
Im here Now im here
never there.
Like the moaning leaf , escaping its friends,
now drifts to far from home.
What now it whispers with the wind,
What now...what now...what now?
Landed, abandoned , this sure of life.
Found, lifted .in hands of time.
fate? freedom? reallity?
Blue, green, my eyes are blind.
The leaf will never know.
:icongazevans:gazevans 0 1


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Do i need reason
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